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Thomas Hood wrote at the start of the nineteenth century, but he sounds surprisingly modern.

Dating Love Poem

Some have met through email, some through chat or forums, some through personal ads.

Online <em>Dating</em> Poem by Trecie Roberts -

Deep Inside My Heart" - Short Love Poem

Don't be afraid or shy; say 'I like you' with all your heart and have a rose and a fun date fun date at ready—he or she just can't refuse.

Online Dating Poem by Trecie Roberts -

"Deep in the middle of the woods”, said my mother, “is the place where the King of the Pumpkins lives." A young boy and his cat try and find out what - if anything - is true about his mother's stories. I am very sorry to say | That ninety lives have been taken away".Funny Love Poems

Short dating poems:

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