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None of Elizabeth's requests outside of Tartarus take up time away from the game. They will only drop Beetle Shells if you have accepted this request.

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To accept a request, choose "Check requests/compendium" when you enter the Velvet Room.

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Description: "Defeat the Wealth Hand, a rare monster in the 1st block, to retrieve 1 Lead Medal." Reward: Toy Bow x1 Level: *** Due: No due date What to do: Find a golden shadow named Wealth Hand in the first block of Tartarus and defeat it to receive a Lead Medal. Description: "Please create Valkyrie via fusion, and show me that she has the supportive s Tarukaja." Reward: Torn Black Cloth x1 Level: *** Due: No due date What to do: Fuse Valkyrie to have the ability Tarukaja. If Tarukaja does not show up the first time for Valkyrie, cancel out the fusion and retry until you get Tarukaja to show up on the list. They will only drop Bronze Furines if you have accepted this request. They will only drop Snake Scales if you have accepted this request. Refuse to drink the medicine the nurse gives you, and he will give you the item you need.

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Some require simply waiting until a certain day, and there are others that require completing a different quest first. " Reward: Revival Bead x3 Level: * Due: No due date What to do: Bring her a Muscle Drink. Persona 3 Megami Tensei

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