Why do i keep dating alcoholics

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Though such satiation and gratification may be transiently obtained they are inherently ephemeral, indeed, self-undermining states that are quickly followed by a return of the orinal distress.

Sns You Mht Be Dating An Alcoholic BlackDoctor

Those in the grip of psychotic denial are literally out of touch with reality.

Sns You Mht Be <strong>Dating</strong> An Alcoholic BlackDoctor

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In fact his behavior is not determined by his own will at all but by the will of the addiction that now constitutes and constructs his reality.

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- and though he will (because he is unable to) brook no contradiction to his will, the addict is nevertheless completely controlled by and under the thumb of his addiction.Ways to Let Go of Your Alcoholic Valentine - xoJane

Why do i keep dating alcoholics:

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