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Starbucks Will Now Teach Americans to Have Civil Discourse

The coffee giant offered a gesture of support to the Harvard startup app, ‘Hi from the Other Side,” an app that pairs “nice people across the political divide to talk like nehbors.

This $150 Hh-Tech Coffee Mug Keeps Selling Out at Starbucks

Not to convince, but to understand.” The app will match the user with someone from the other side of the aisle and send each person half of the information needed to redeem a Starbucks gift card.

<strong>Starbucks</strong> Will Now Teach Americans to Have Civil Discourse

Howard Schultz's Stormy Crusades The Starbucks Boss Opens Up

Luckily, Starbucks is here to help: The ubiquitous chain that’s already tackled issues like racism and financial turmoil is helping spearhead a new campan to get liberals and conservatives talking.

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Starbucks is offering free coffee in exchange for some polite, political discourse between people on different sides of the aisle.How many years is carbon dating accuracy, free indian singles.

Speak dating starbucks:

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