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International Seminar on New Prospects for ESR Dating.

Mammalian biostratraphy places the find layer in a young, but not the youngest, interglacial of the Cromerian complex, probably Cromerian IV or Cromerian III (2, 4).

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Given the associated mammal fauna and the geological context, the find layer has been placed in the early Middle Pleistocene, but confirmatory chronometric evidence has hitherto been missing.

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These Mauer sands, including sands and gravels, were deposited by the Neckar River in its former course and are subdivided into two distinct units: the “lower sands” and the “upper sands,” separated from each other by a clay/silt layer, the “Lettenbank” (F. The mandible of Both sand units are renowned for their rich early Middle Pleistocene mammal fauna that clearly indicate warm climate conditions (2) attributed to two distinct Middle Pleistocene interglacial stages.

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The good preservation of the mammal bones (2)—and in particular of the human mandible—indicates that they were transported from a nearby fluvial floodplain before becoming embedded in the river deposits (i.e., they have the same geological age as their surrounding sediment layers).Date Indonesian Singles - Review Your Matches For Free

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