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Sindy doll gets a modern makeover in favour of more realistic body.

Sindy was later given a little sister Patch in 1966. She had more bendable limbs and a twisting wrist; she was also given rooted eyelashes and silkier hair that was available in a side or centre parting.

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In 1964 Sindy was given a handsome boyfriend ed Paul who stood a whole 1" taller at 13", it is often assumed that Paul was based on Paul Mc Cartney due to the doll being produced when Beatlemania took off.

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Lovely Lively Sindy was also introduced in this year unusual gauntlet style arms with rotatable elbow joints.

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Mitzi's hair was a deep red in colour, however; very rare blonde versions can be found.Sindy doll Etsy

Dating sindy dolls:

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