Dating my personal trainer

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Open any gossip magazine and you’re likely to find a story about a celebrity who is dating a personal trainer or fitness guru.

Why You Mht Be Crushing on Your Personal Trainer

On our first date, as I sucked down a pint of Hoegaarden, I asked him if he also wanted a beer. My last relationship was with someone who, at 6'4", could eat whatever he wanted and never gain a pound.

I Like Your Form Confessions of a <em>Personal</em> <em>Trainer</em> - Baltimore Post.

Is It Ever Okay To Date Your Personal Trainer? - Mpora

So why is it harder to date someone who leads a healty lifestyle?

No sex please, we're personal trainers! A. - Daily Mail Online

Con – Sometimes you just want to lay on the couch and eat ice cream rht out of the container while watching bad reality TV.I Like Your Form Confessions of a Personal Trainer - Baltimore Post.

Dating my personal trainer:

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