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Pushing up off his shoulders and hher into the air she moved into position, the boss taking his eyes from the road and its blurred streets to watch the hot bitch as she positioned herself over him."You are one crazy bitch."She took that as a go as she sank down, her cunt wet and tht, the bosses eyes lost focus and his head lolled back."Fuck that's good! "He wrenched his head around Shaundi, having completely forgotten about the road, he pulled the car back into the middle of the street, fhting to stay concentrated, Shaundi moaned in heat then ggled at her boss's antics, she gripped his dick tht and he struggled simply not to crash.

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""You should go home and rest.""If by resting you mean smokin' an ounce, then hell yeah..."He snorts at that as he leads her to his car, the purple open-topped hammerhead standing out prominently in the now disserted car park.

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A car flash past and his grip thtened on the wheel, he should stop this, he had a gang to run, he should stop the car at least and give her what she wanted but he wasn't in control anymore, Shaundi was.

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Having turned the 'On Track' club's basement into a charnel house full of dead gangbangers and one very dead Veteran Child the Boss had enjoyed his brief victory before grabbing a grateful Shaundi and making for the exit, stepping over the dealer's body.Download Archives - Baragamer

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