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That doesn't mean the old relationship between the father and the son will have to be weakened, but there is a very real chance that it will be, so anxiety over that possibility is not crazy talk. I started dating July 2005 only after talking to my kids about it, and my inlaws to as my wife was their only child and my children are subsequently the only link they have left to their daughter.

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You have a 27 YO son that is devastated by his mom's death.

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You say something along the lines of, your life with his mother was so wonderful that you'd like to experience something like that again. I know a man who remarried within six months of his wife's death, while others aren't ready to date ten years on. it's difficult and a lot of sensitivity is required.

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When my own father died, I encouraged my mother not to watch the calendar.How Long Should You Wait For The

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