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In modern times, feminists and women alike have utilized this word as a noun, and more recently, have likewise embraced it as an adjective to install it before fixed nouns such as "chick flick" or "chick lit." These newly fashioned catchphrases hint to romantic or passionate feminist films, novels, or other pieces of sensitive writing, which almost always have a fairytale-like or nostalgic conclusion.

TBT Before 'Jersey Shore,' Snooki Ruled A Docu-Series About.

For instance, 'gal' and 'girl' between women can be perceived as offensive, implying that the other party is incompetent or more childish that the other.

TBT Before 'Jersey Shore,' Snooki Ruled A Docu-Series About.

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Nowadays, the title has transformed into one of 'tenderness' or 'affection.' However, this uncertainty lives on as women still continue to fht and wonder how to use the term correctly and inoffensively.

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