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Over the valve cover pipes with Compressor Bypass and Blow-Off.

What it does: The only job a blow-off valve is supposed to perform is to relieve excess turbo pressure that results from shutting the throttle rapidly under boost conditions.

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The other type uses only one pressure snal to open. How it works: The usual arrangement is to have the pressure side of the valve attached to the pipe between the turbo and the throttle, and a vacuum hose on the top of the valve hooked up to the inlet manifold after the throttle body. When you are on the throttle, the pressure in the turbo piping and the inlet manifold is equal, meaning that the pressure on each side of the valve is the same and therefore cancels itself out, leaving the spring holding the valve shut.

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There is also a school of thought that a blow-off valve can improve turbocharger longevity or, in extreme cases, prevent damage to the turbo.

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Otherwise you will have a rather expensive paper-weht.Blow-off Valves Explained - Super Street Magazine

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