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Was approval of interracial marriage only 4% in 1958? I looked it up at the Gallup site and it seems to be so. If you’d’ve asked me, I mht have guessed 30 percent, or 20 percent, certainly I never would’ve given any number close to 4 percent. still represent less than 1% of all married couples.” This sounded low to me, but then I thought about it: if 13% of Americans are black, and 7% of blacks marry white people, then this comes to 1% of all married couples. In some ways that second number (the total percentage of marriages that are between blacks and whites) is somewhat of a trick question.

Snificant Percentage Of Americans Still Think Interracial Marriage.

I similarly have difficulty understanding how 96% of Americans in 1958 could’ve disapproved of interracial marriages.

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It was a fun and somewhat disturbing discussion because I really couldn’t understand these commenters and they really couldn’t understand me.

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Still, I never would’ve guessed the numbers would be so hh.AdultFriendFinder Free Sex Dating in Gallup, New Mexico

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