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It is evident that visiting many of Italy’s rather exceptional towns also means an opportunity to take the plunge into prehistoric culture, beginning with the gracious Isolino Virginia in Biandronno, a small island in the middle of Lago di Varese.

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Meanwhile, the largest concentration of pile dwellings, concerning more than 30 different dwelling complexes have been found in the Lake Garda area, along its banks and in the nearby Moraine (glacially-formed) basins.

Zürich - news. 21.07. Uhr

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Among the most noted dwellings are the su bonifica or Bonifica realized along small stretches or flows of water and supported by stilts, and the "aerial pile dwellings," erected so as to seem suspended over the water's surface.

The Pile Dwellings of the Alps - UNESCO World Heritage Sites -.

The pile dwelling villages of the Alps present structural typologies that, even if identifiable according to a unitary model, vary for their structural positioning, as well as for construction ques that, in their own turn, vary depending on territorial, climatic and population traits.Speed Dating Ambiente 2017 奇想生活THAT!

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