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No going in comas, no leaving because your a *spoils* either!!!

Persona 4

Again, no FES so I don't know about Elizabeth, guess I'll search the cutscenes because I'm lazy. We both like the game but its training which bugs us. I hate dying and having to start all over, ILU for this only played as Fe MC only lol, lost interest in MCI failed the first time round playing this and maxed the non-dating links -_-"so replaying it and gonna max ALL of them, so much more fun XDDDI WAS A CHAMP AND CAUGHT THEM ALL!

Angels of Love - By Grant & Melissa Virtue

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I bought P3P when it released in the states and have not been able to put it down.

How Persona 5 lets down its gay players Keyboard Geniuses

Link not always equals Lovers route so I maxed out Shinji without room scene (wanted to see how did it affect the game if he didn't die) and then settled with Ryoji for the lovers route (Ryoji fangirl here! Year of the dog FanFiction

Persona 3 dating theo:

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