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You’re the only thing that I want.” He broke down to tears. ” You gasped, unable to comprehend everything swiftly. “I want us to be official, Y/N.”Liam: After Liam and Danielle broke up for good, he has been a messy bad boy. There were days that he’s such a douche phasing into this cocky cookie-cutter pop star and unfortunately, he has this thing on one day when you guys were on set on One Direction’s new music video. “More than you will ever know.” You ggled, busy talking to the other line. We should definitely meet up.” You nodded, as if the receiver will see you.

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His lips landed on yours, rougy sweet and eager all in one jolt, tasting cinnamon and chocolate vivid in your mouths. That I can’t do whatever the hell I want without you? He’s nice when he’s around and you’ve got to admit that he’s a such a sweet and thoughtful lad, but other than that – you two were nothing to be labeled of.

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You said he’s hot, and you need to take care of him and youryour..” Liam looked down on your pants wearily. He’s sick and he’s downtown, about a few blocks from here, silly. Not the other thing.” He nodded, cuing he’s listening.

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You did as you were told, answering fan questions and just browsing to your twitter mentions, nailing every bit of the questions for Harry with ease. You tweeted by mentioning: “@Harry_Styles Good nht curly, I love you so much. “I hope your last tweet was sincere Y/N, because you know what? This is not the fake we usually say to each other, this is actually a real one. ”Niall: February 19, 2013 marks the day that the contract of you being Niall Horan’s girlfriend, expires. Dating junkie - Tumblr

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