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I agree that you should branch out and meet lots of people, but you can do that without sexual activity.

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If you have a happy and balanced relationship, having a snificant other during your college years isn’t going to hurt you or ruin your experience.

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Granted, some people DO want to experience other people and for those people, perhaps they should take a break from relationships and just have some sexy fun with sexy people. College is definitely the perfect place to meet new people and do new things. Is your number of sexual partners important to you?

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With that said, I don’t think everyone HAS to do this to get the “complete college experience.” I live in a dorm, I stay up all nht to study, I starve, I overeat, I’m poor, I make new friends nearly every day, etc. If you’re looking for a time in your life to be free, do what you want and be single, then college is that time. My boyfriend and I are going to different colleges and.

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