Teacher dating 13 year old student

Teacher Who Had Baby by Sixth

Vera, 24, is charged with continuous sex of a child. CPS is now investating the boy's family because they allegedly supported the relationship, according to investators.

Teacher who had sex with 13-year-old pupil on an “almost daily.

Students remember Alexandria Vera as the "cool teacher" who let kids at Stovall Middle School use cell phones in class.

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Antioch 13-year-old girl cited for beating middle-school teacher.

KHOU TV reports that court documents allege the teacher had sex with the boy “almost daily for months.” Vera’s nehbors also report that the woman allowed kids to drink alcohol at her home.

Teacher Impregnated by 13-Year-Old

During its most recent investation, police discovered a wealth of evidence on the suspect’s phone concerning the relationship.Texas teacher who 'got pregnant'

Teacher dating 13 year old student:

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