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Apparently it’s a snot bubble, which indicates being sleepy in Japanese cartoons.

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This can also be used with the smiling devil emoji when plotting or gossiping with friends. Stressed Out Boy Emoji Buzzfeed thinks this emoji is actually a person bowing. Why is the red shirt guy leaning back so weirdly while he walks?

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You’re probably texting your friends plotting a hypothetical revenge on the girl that made out with your ex hook up last week. Flames In what situation do you use a flame emoji other than to say that something is on fire? No one’s knows it’s purpose or why it’s included, but it can be randomly used to add a weird vibe to any text message.

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In the Western world, this emoji is used when you’re taking a test and look up in desperation as you realize you know nothing and desperately need help. The amount of emojis that need explanations are endless but at least they let us use our imagination to create our own meanings. Why is that guy in the blue shirt dating both a guy and girl? The only thing certain is that the emoji trend is here to stay, so brush up on these decodings, but feel free to keep doing you if you’ve created your own usages for these.Top Emojis or Emoticons for Your Posts & Ads - SyncSumo

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