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A Vietnam veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper, he returned home to join the FDNY, earning numerous commendations for bravery while in the trenches.

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A member of one of New York City’s earliest multi-generational firefhting families, the Stoutenburghs played a snificant role in shaping Manhattan’s fire department, starting with the volunteer era.

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By 1761, Stoutenburgh had taken over as “Overseer of Fire Engines,” a position which became Chief Engineer. Stoutenburgh was a staunch revolutionary as well as smoke-eater; when George Washington evacuated New York in 1776, all the firemen, with Stoutenburgh as their leader, left with him to form a militia to fht the marauding British.


MAN REGRETS NEVER REUNITING WITH FIREFHTER WHO SAVED HIM A career smoke-eater with 33 years on the job when he died on 9/11, Ganci always said “I’m a fireman,” when asked what he did for a living — instead of telling people he was the FDNY’s Chief of Department, the hhest-ranking uniformed officer in the agency.Events

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