Divorced dating experiment

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It's changed my relationships with my children, my relationship with work, my relationships with people, my relationship with myself.

My experiment Monitoring 'Dear Abby'

I was talking to my best friend Tracey Cunningham, the great hair colorist, and there were a couple of pretty girls working in her salon.

The Divorce-Proof Marriage - The Atlantic

The Divorce-Proof Marriage - The Atlantic

Now I've had a number of years of being present and clear, and that has changed everything in my life.

The Effects of Divorce on Children - Family Research

Now I'm clean and aware and alive and interested in the world, saying, "Dating women is exciting to me, and this is turning me on."I dated in the heterosexual world up until about four years ago, when I started thinking about dating women—just thinking about it.Mature Dating UK - #1 UK Site for Over

Divorced dating experiment:

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